Using Screens Content Provider


Screens Content Provider, allows the content author to create and manage channels. The content authors can add new content, edit the content without worrying about the details of creating displays or player registration. The Content Provider provides an abstraction from the underlying details of developing content, displays, or player registration.


The following section describes how to use Screens Content Provider, once you have setup Screens Services Provider.

Using Screens Content Provider


Before you start reading this section, refer to Setting up Screens Services Provider to learn how to navigate to this user interface from Screens Services Provider.

Follow the steps below to login to Screens Content Provider:

  1. Navigate to Adobe Experience Cloud Home page.

  2. Select Experience Manager.

  3. Click on Launch from the Cloud Manager card. Once you have successfully logged in to Cloud Manager, you are ready to use the User Interface (UI).

  4. Select the program for Screens as a Cloud Service and click on the icon, as shown below to open the Cloud Manager’s Overview page for that specific program.


    If you have not created any program , refer to First Time Login to Screens as a Cloud Service, that will guide you through adding a new program for Screens as a Cloud Service, in Cloud Manager.

  5. Select the link from the Environments card to access the Screens Content Provider.

    Once you have logged into Screens Content Provider, now you are ready to create your content in content playback.

    You must use Screens Content Provider to create and manage:

    • Projects
    • Channels
    • Locations

What’s Next

Now, you have learnt how to navigate to Screens Content Provider, you should now continue your Screens as a Cloud Service journey by next reviewing the document, Creating and Managing a Project in Screens as a Cloud Service.

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