Maintenance Release Notes

The following section outlines the technical release notes for the current maintenance release of Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

Release 12142

Summarized below are the continuous improvements for maintenance release 12142, which was publicly released on May 31, 2023. This maintenance release is an update from previous maintenance release 11983.

Feature enablement for this maintenance release will provide you with the full feature set. See the current release notes for full details.



Known Issues


Fixed Issues

  • SITES-13636 - Fixed issue with clientlib dependencies of the image and carousel site clientlib missing.
  • SITES-13475 - Fixed issue with backward compatibility break for PanelContainer.js in 2.22.10 Core Components Version.

Embedded Technologies

Technology Version Link
AEM OAK 1.50-T20230405052634-f9df4aa Oak API 1.50.0 API
AEM SLING API Version 2.27.0 Apache Sling API 2.27.0 API
AEM HTL Version 1.4.20-1.4.0 HTML Template Language Specification
AEM Core Components Version 2.22.12 AEM WCM Core Components

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