Known issues

This article lists the known issues of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service offering. The list is revised and updated with each continuous release of Experience Manager.

Contact support for more information about the known issues.


Some known issues in Sites are:

  • In the GraphQL IDE you can manage the cache for your persisted queries.
    • On the first save the values saved for the headers are set to 0 (instead of the default values) - if the user has not changed those values in the dialog.
    • On subsequent saves, the values are saved correctly.
    • Therefore, the user has to save the headers two times.


Some known issues in Assets are:

  • Download: If you download an empty folder, Experience Manager conveys a success message about creating a ZIP archive, but the archive is not created.

  • Metadata Schema: Asset rating widget used to cause JSP compilation error. It was removed from the metadata schema.

Also, see notable changes to Experience Manager Assets.

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