Release Information

Product Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service
Version 2022.10.0
Type Continuous Updates
Availability date Continuous Update

How to Prepare for a Release

With the continuous release model in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, the application is auto updated on an ongoing basis. There are two types of updates, feature releases and maintenance releases:

  • Feature releases are done with a predictable monthly frequency and are focused on new capabilities and product innovations.
  • Maintenance releases are done frequently and are focused on security updates, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. This ensures that Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service is always up-to-date with any critical fixes.

In addition to the speed of innovation, Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service also provides the flexibility to preview upcoming features a full month in advance before the features are released into production. This allows you to assess the impact of an upcoming release on their organization by test driving the features in your own custom environment and train/prepare the internal users well in advance.


Prerelease is done only for monthly feature releases, not critical updates.

To prepare for a release:

  1. Mark your calendars: Check key dates for monthly releases on the Experience Manager releases roadmap and mark your calendars to prepare yourself for the key activities to get ready for the release.
  2. Review the release notes: Read the current release notes to get familiarized with the release and prerelease features.
  3. Access and try new features: Enable the prerelease channel in your non-production environments and start trying the features to assess in your custom environments.
  4. Train your users: Use documentation and Experience League resources to get users up to speed and well-versed with the new features.

Key Release Information

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