Get Started with Onboarding Process

Onboarding is the process during which a designated System Administrator sets up AEM as a Cloud Service for your organization. This includes the initial provisioning of cloud resources and assigning users to roles based on their job responsibilities. As a result, each member is able to login and access their AEM as a Cloud Service resources.


As a System Administrator, this document summarizes the very first steps in your onboarding journey.

After reading this section you should be able to:

  • Access and login to Admin Console.
  • Review your privileges as a System Administrator via Admin Console.

Before you start the onboarding process, please ensure to learn about Adobe Admin Console. The Adobe Admin console is a central place to administer and manage your Adobe product licenses and users. Your system administrator will sign in to the Adobe Admin console to add or remove users and more. See here to learn more.

Onboarding to AEM as a Cloud Service

Learn about onboarding to AEM as a Cloud Service starting from the contract phase all the way through setting up the environments using Cloud Manager.

Logging in to Admin Console

Follow the steps below to navigate to Admin Console and review your System Administrator role from the Admin Console:


You must be a System Administrator in order to complete the following steps successfully.

  1. Click on Get started from your welcome email, as shown in the figure below, to navigate to Admin Console or navigate directly to Admin Console from here.


    As a System Administrator, you will receive multiple emails. Look for the welcome email that provides you the information about the Organization name to which you have been granted access to and click on Get Started. If you cannot find the email, navigate directly to Admin Console.

  2. Login using your Adobe ID. Upon successful login, you will see the Overview page of the Adobe Admin Console, as shown below.


    If you have access to multiple organizations, please ensure that you have logged into correct Organization. To change your organization, click on the organization name from the top right corner and choose the required organization to which you need access to, as shown in the figure below.

  3. Select Administrators from the Users card to verify that you are System Administrator via Adobe Admin Console.

  4. Once you click on Administrators from the Users card, you can search by entering your Adobe ID email, username, first or last name.

  5. The search must successfully find your email record. Additionally, the ADMIN ROLE must show System, as shown below. This confirms you are a System Administrator. This confirms your role as a System Administrator.

    You have successfully logged in to Admin Console as a System Administrator and are ready to move to the next step!

What’s Next

Now, that you have logged into Admin Console and checked your profile as a System Administrator, you should continue your onboarding journey by next reviewing the document Assign Team Members to Cloud Manager Product Profiles.

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