Checking DNS Record Status

Last update: 2023-11-16

Within Cloud Manager you can determine whether your domain name is properly resolving to your AEM as a Cloud Service website.

  1. Log into Cloud Manager at and select the appropriate organization and program.

  2. Navigate to the Environments screen from the Overview page.

  3. Click Domain Settings in the left navigation panel.

  4. Click the Status icon for the domain name.

Cloud Manager performs a DNS lookup for your domain name and displays one of the following status messages.

  • DNS status not detected - DNS status will not be detected until your custom domain name has been successfully verified and deployed.

    • This status is also observed when your Custom Domain name is in the process of deletion.
  • DNS Resolves Incorrectly - This indicates that either the DNS records configuration has not resolved or is erroneous.

  • DNS Resolution In Progress - The resolution is in progress.

    • This status is typically seen after you select the Resolve Again icon next to the status.
  • DNS Resolves Correctly - Your DNS settings are properly configured.

    • Your site is serving visitors.

Cloud Manager will automatically trigger a DNS lookup when your custom domain name is first successfully verified and deployed. For subsequent attempts, you must actively select the Resolve Again icon next to the status.

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