Dispatcher configuration with AEM Headless

The Dispatcher is a caching and security layer in front of Adobe Experience Manager Publish environments. Several configurations are included by default to open GraphQL endpoints to headless applications.


For detailed documentation about the Dispatcher see the Dispatcher Guide

As part of an AEM Project a dispatcher module is included that contains configurations for the dispatcher. Newly generated projects from the AEM Project Archetype automatically includes filters that enables GraphQL endpoints.

GraphQL Endpoint(s)

As part of the default filters, GraphQL endpoints are opened with the following rule:

/0060 { /type "allow" /method '(POST|OPTIONS)' /url "/content/_cq_graphql/*/endpoint.json" }

The * wildcard opens multiple endpoints on the AEM instance. Querying using a GraphQL endpoint will be made using POST and the response will not be cached.

GraphQL Persisted Queries

The request for Persisted queries are made against a different endpoint. As part of the default filter configuration, the url for Persisted queries are opened with the following rule:

/0061 { /type "allow" /method '(GET|POST|OPTIONS)' /url "/graphql/execute.json*" }

Persisted queries can be requested using GET, thereby caching the response at the Dispatcher and CDN level. More details about caching and cache invalidation can be found here.

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