Search assets in Assets Essentials

Assets Essentials provides effective search, that just works by default. The search is comprehensive as it is full-text search. The powerful search functionality lets you quickly discover the appropriate asset and help you improve your content velocity. Assets Essentials provides full-text search and even searches through the metadata such as smart tags, title, date created, and copyright.

To search assets,

  • Click in the search box at the top of the page. By default, it searches within the folder that you are currently browsing. Do one of the following:

    search box

    • Search using a keyword and optionally change folder. Press Return.

    • Start working with a recently viewed asset, by searching for it directly. Click in the search box and select a recently viewed asset from the suggestions.

Filter the search results

You can filter the search results based on the following parameters.

Search filters

Figure: Filter searched assets based on various parameters.

  • File type: Filter the search results by the supported types of files that is, Images, Documents, and Videos.
  • MIME type: Filter for one or more of the supported file formats.
  • Image size: Provide one of more of the minimum and maximum dimensions to filter images. Size is provided in dimensions in pixel and is not the file size of the images.
  • Create date: The creation date of the asset as provided in the metadata. The standard date format used is yyyy-mm-dd.
  • Modified date: The last modified date of the assets. The standard date format used is yyyy-mm-dd.

You can sort the searched assets in increasing or decreasing order of Name, Relevancy, Size, Modified, and Created.

Search functionality is quite easy to use in Assets Essentials. From within the search box, you can not only just type a keyword and press return to see the results, you can also quickly search again for your recently searched keywords in a single click.

You can also filter the search results based on specific criteria around metadata and type of assets. For frequently used filters, to improve the search experience, Assets Essentials lets you save the search parameters. You can then select the saved search to search and apply the filter with just a single click as well.

To create a saved search, search for some asset, apply one or more filters, and click Save Search in the Filters panel.

Saved search from Filters panel

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