Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials overview

Adobe offers a robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for you to get the most out of your digital assets. As a part of Adobe Experience Manager product line, Adobe is offering a new SaaS solution to store, manage, and discover digital assets, that also integrate natively with other Adobe solutions.

Experience Manager Assets Essentials is a new, lightweight edition of Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Assets Essentials provide unified asset management and collaboration with a simplified and a consistent user interface. The ease-of-use enables more creative and marketing teams to store, discover, and distribute digital assets. Currently, Assets Essentials is available to Adobe Journey Optimizer customers as a part of the latter solution.

Assets Essentials focuses on simple interface and efficient search and discovery of digital asset, to ensure asset utilization, governance, and brand consistency across teams. The end-user experience can be via a standalone web user interface and an embedded experience in other Adobe solutions.

For administrators, it offers simpler configuration and administration that leads to faster time to value. Administrators get immediate access to the solution and can work with familiar functionality and user entitlements in Adobe Admin Console. Administrators need to carry out a user-friendly one-time deployment step to make the solution available to users. See deploy and administer.

For users, managing your digital assets with Assets Essentials is as simple as the following 3 steps. See get started using Assets Essentials.

  • Step 1: Upload and view assets.
  • Step 2: Search and download assets.
  • Step 3: Manage and organize the assets.

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