Working with Startpoints

A startpoint invokes a process created in Workbench. It is associated with a form which invokes the process when the form is submitted.


The terms startpoints, start process, and form are used interchangably when referrring to this concept.

To initiate a process from the AEM Forms app, you need to have a startpoint of type Workspace in your process. Also, you need to select the Visibile in Mobile Workspace option for the startpoint.


To start a process defined in Workbench

  1. To view the Startpoints available in the AEM Forms app, go to Home screen.

  2. On the Home screen, by default, the All Forms list is displayed.

    The startpoint is associated with a form. Tap the startpoint associated form in the list to open it.

    The form associated with the startpoint opens.

  3. Enter the details in the Startpoint form.

    You can add annotations to this task using the attachment button.

  4. After you fill the form, tap the Submit button.

If the app is offline, the form and its data is saved in the Outbox folder.

If the app is online, the task is synchronized with the AEM Forms server and assigned to the user specified in the process.

To work with the task in your task list, see Opening a task.

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