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Last update: 2023-07-20
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For the sake of backwards compatibility, content and configuration in /etc and /content starting with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3 will not be touched or transformed immediately with the upgrade. This is done to ensure that dependencies of customer applications on those structures stay intact. The functionality relating to these content structures is still the same even though the content in an out of the box AEM 6.5 would be hosted in another place.

While not all of those locations may be transformed automatically, there are a few delayed CodeUpgradeTasks also referred to as Lazy Content Migration. This allows customers to trigger those automatic transformations by restarting the instance with this system property:


This causes the CodeUpgradeTasks to be run during the migration.

While the aim is an efficient execution, this upgrade process is synchronous and therefore comes with a downtime depending on the amount of content that must be processed. Adobe recommends evaluating the run times on a stage environment ahead of a production system to plan an according maintenance window.

As this typically also requires adjusting application, this activity should be performed along with the corresponding application deployment.

Below is the full list of CodeUpgradeTasks introduced in 6.5:

Name Relevant for AEM versions before Migration Type Details
Cq561ProjectContentUpgrade < 5.6.1 Immediate
Cq60MSMContentUpgrade < 6.0 Immediate Detects all LiveRelationShips from VersionStorage that have been deleted and add exclusion property to parent
Cq61CloudServicesContentUpgrade < 6.1 Immediate Restructures cloudservices for secure by default setup
Cq62ConfContentUpgrade < 6.2 Immediate Removes property based linking from /content to /conf (replaced by the OSGi mechanism), generates corresponding OSGi configuration
Cq62FormsContentUpgrade < 6.2 Immediate Due to merge_preserve handling, the secure by default deny rule overrides given permissions leading to the need to reorder on upgrade
CQ62Html5SmartFileUpgrade < 6.2 Immediate Detects components using the Html5SmartFile widget, searches for usages of the component in the content and restructures persistence, effectively moving the binary a level down and not store it on component level.
Cq62ProjectsCodeUpgrade < 6.2 Immediate Moves old style projects from /etc/projects to /content/projects
Cq62TargetCampaignsContentUpgrade < 6.2 Immediate Introduces a container layer to hierarchy (Areas) and adjusts references.
Cq62TargetContentUpgrade < 6.2 Immediate Sets fixed location names to target components.
Cq62WorkflowContentUpgrade < 6.2 Immediate Complex transformation of workflow models predating 6.2 structures, instances, notifications, then merging back from the backup location from /var/backup
CQ63AssetsMetadataFormsUpdate < 6.3 Immediate Moves assets, custom metadata schemas, and processing profiles from /apps to /conf and translates the metadata schema and metadata profiles forms from coral2 to coral3.
CQ63AssetsSearchFacetsUpdate < 6.3 Immediate Moves assets and custom search facets from /apps to /conf and translates the metadata schema and metadata profiles forms from coral2 to coral3.
CQ63InboxItemsUpgrade < 6.3 Immediate Updates InboxItems for ordering of inbox items (adjusting metadata for efficient sorting)
CQ63MetadataSchemaConfigUpdate < 6.3 Immediate Adjusts the metadataSchema property on folder by replacing relative paths to /conf in place of /apps
CQ63MobileAppsNavUpgrade < 6.3 Immediate Adjusting navigation structure
CQ63MonitoringDashboardsConfigUpdate < 6.3 Immediate Moves custom configurations for the monitoring dashboards from /libs and /apps
CQ63ProcessingProfileConfigUpdate < 6.3 Immediate Translates the processingProfile property (used until 6.1) in Assets to match the 6.3 and later structure. Also adjusts the profile’s relative paths to /conf in place of /apps.
CQ63ToolsMenuEntriesContentUpgrade < 6.3 Immediate Upgrade task that removes obsolete CRXDE Lite and Web Console menu entries if there is an upgrade.
CQ64CommunitiesConfigsCleanupTask < 6.3 Delayed Moving SRP cloud configurations, community watchwords configurations, cleans up /etc/social and /etc/enablement (any references and data must be adjusted when lazy migration is run - no application part should be depending on this structure anymore).
CQ64LegacyCloudSettingsCleanupTask < 6.4 Delayed Cleans up /etc/cloudsettings (containing ContextHub Configuration). Configuration is automatically migrated on first access. In case Lazy Content Migration is started along with upgrade this content in /etc/cloudsettings must be preserved via package before the upgrade and reinstalled for the implicit transformation to kick in, along with a subsequent uninstallation of the package after completion.
CQ64UsersTitleFixTask < 6.4 Delayed Adjusts legacy title structure to title in user profile node.
CQ64CommerceMigrationTask < 6.4 Delayed Migrate commerce content from /etc/commerce to /var/commerce. During migration content is moved and references to moved content are updated to reflect the new location.
CQ65DMMigrationTask < 6.5 Delayed Migrate legacy catalog settings and Dynamic Media Cloud Services settings from /etc to /conf
CQ65LegacyClientlibsCleanupTask < 6.5 Delayed Clean up legacy clientlibs existing under /etc/clientlibs

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