Text layer attributes. Specifies additional attributes for text layers which are not available as rtf commands.

textAttr= *res*[, *antiAliasing*[, *resMode*[, *wordWrap*]]]


Provides a means for scaling the text layer without changing font sizes. Higher resolution values increase the size of the rendered text relative to the canvas size; smaller values reduce the text size. Text resolution in dots per inch (int greater than 0).


Controls the anti-aliasing mode employed by the text rendering engine.

off | norm | crisp | sharp | strong | smooth


Disable text anti-aliasing.


Enable standard text anti-aliasing mode (default).


Select Photoshop anti-aliasing mode crisp ( textPs= only).


Select Photoshop anti-aliasing mode sharp ( textPs= only).


Select Photoshop anti-aliasing mode strong ( textPs= only).


Controls how res is used when rendering the text

fixedRes | autoRes | maxRes


Use the specified resolution.

Use if the text is to be rendered in an exact size relative to the compositing canvas. Text may be clipped to the layer size (if specified) if the text box is too small. This is the only resMode option supported by textPs= .


Adjust the resolution automatically to best fill the layer rect with the text.

Use to automatically adjust the text size so that the text box is filled as much as possible, without risk of truncation. If word wrap is enabled, text may be rewrapped at the final resolution. res is ignored if autoRes is selected. Not supported by textPs= .


Use the specified resolution; decrease it if necessary to prevent text being truncated to the layer rect.

Use to render text at the exact specified resolution, as long as no clipping occurs. In case of clipping, the resolution is automatically decreased to ensure that all text is contained fully inside the text box. If word wrap is enabled, text may be rewrapped at the final resolution. Not supported by textPs= .

If the text layer size is not specified with size= or if only the width is specified, 'autoRes' and 'maxRes' settings are ignored and the specified resolution is used to render the text.


Specifies the wrapping mode.

wrap | noWrap | nbWrap


Disable word-wrap.


Enable standard word-wrap.

Breaks long words if necessary. textPs= only supports wrap .


Enable non-breaking word-wrap.

Never breaks a word, even if it gets truncated at the end. Typically used in conjunction with autoRes or maxRes to ensure that long words are never broken.

Both wrap and nbwrap auto-wrap on word boundaries and hyphens.


Text layer attribute. Ignored by image, solid color, and effect layers. Applies to layer=0 if specified for layer=comp.



See also

text= , textPs=, size=

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