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Lets you crop to the bounding box of an embedded named path. This cropping, in turn, changes the size of the image.

cropPathE= *pathName**[, *pathName*]


Name of path embedded in layer source image (ASCII only).

pathName is the name of a path embedded in the layer source image. The path is automatically transformed as needed to maintain relative alignment with the image contents. If more than one pathName is specified, the server crops to the bounding box of each path, one at a time. Any pathName not found in the source image is ignored.


Layer attribute. Applies to the current layer or to the composite image if layer=comp. Ignored by effect layers.

cropPathE= is ignored if no path with the specified name is found in the layer source image, or if the layer source is not an image.


None, for no additional cropping of the layer.

See also

crop, clipPathE

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