ErrorImage *

Error response image. Image Rendering normally returns an error status with a text message when an error occurs. attribute::ErrorImage allows configuring an image to be returned in case of error.

When an error occurs, the server first attempts to interpret the value of ImageRendering::attribute::ErrorImageas a simple image file path. If the file cannot be opened, it sends the attribute value and error details to Image Serving, which processes as described in ImageServing::attribute::ErrorImage. If Image Serving does not return a valid response image, the standard HTTP error status and text message are sent to the client.

Error images are returned with HTTP status 200.


Text string. If specified, it must either be an ImageServing::catalog::id value, a relative path (to ImageServing::attribute::RootPath or ImageRendering::attribute::RootPath) or an absolute path to an image file that is accessible by the Image Server.


Inherited from default::ErrorImage if it is not defined. If it is defined but empty, error image behavior is disabled, even if default::ErrorImage is defined, and an HTTP error status is returned.

See also

attribute::DefaultImage, attribute::ErrorDetail, attribute::RootPath, catalog::Id

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