Create PDF files from Microsoft Word

Last update: 2023-08-04
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Learn how to create rich, robust PDF files with hyperlinked table of contents and cross-references, bookmarks, and even attachments using the Acrobat Add-on for Microsoft Word.


Do you use the Microsoft Office web apps? Check out how to create PDFs in Office for the web.



Rich, robust PDF files like this one that include a hyperlink table of contents for each entry that allows you to navigate the document, hyperlink cross references, and collapsible bookmarks from the bookmark panel here.

And even file attachments are easy to create from the desktop version of Microsoft Word. This particular file was created in just one click using the Acrobat add-on for Microsoft office, which is installed when you install Acrobat DC. To create your PDF from Word, first start by opening the preferences to set your options. These settings will be used each time you create a PDF file from Word. There are numerous options, like adding security, turning Word comments into Acrobat sticky notes, or converting Word headings directly into bookmarks. Once you’ve set your preferences, just select create PDF from the Acrobat ribbon or create and share, if you’re sending the file to someone. You can even select create and send for review and roundtrip Acrobat comments back into the original Word file using this button. And lastly, you can create PDF and then run an automated action in Acrobat. Creating PDFs using the Acrobat add-on for Microsoft Office will give you the best possible file because anyone opening them can navigate using the automatically generated TOC hyperlinks, cross references, and of course bookmarks. -


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