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Last update: 2023-08-04
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Learn how to edit text and images in PDF files. Click or tap to add a new paragraph or fix a typo. You can even add images or crop a photo.


Learn about the new editing mode that auto-adjusts content.



If you need to make changes to a document that’s been converted to PDF, you don’t need to start from scratch, just use Adobe Acrobat to edit the PDF.

With the file open in Acrobat, select the Edit PDF tool.

You’ll see all your editing tools appear in the top menu bar and the various components of the file will be highlighted to show you what you can edit.

I can make simple changes to the text just by clicking and typing. And when I’ve got text selected, more substantive formatting tools become available in the right hand pane.

I can select an object and perform rotations, crops or reflections or select a program like Photoshop to make more complex image corrections and then roundtrip that file back to my PDF.

Looking up at the top menu bar, I could also add new text or a new image. And one thing I want to point out up here is the ability to add hyperlinks in the document by clicking the link dropdown and choosing Add/Edit Web or Document Link.

This is a great tool for making sure all your links and email addresses are live clickable links when someone is viewing this document.

There is so much you can do with the Edit PDF tool in Acrobat, adding a custom header or footer, securing it with a watermark, even creating a custom background. So I encourage you to click around on your own to see what else is possible for you using this great little tool. -


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