Unlocking a workspace

管理员可以配置Data Workbench,以仅允许特定用户更改某些工作区。


Certain users have the ability to temporarily unlock a locked workspace using the Temporarily Unlock option on the workspace title bar menu, make the necessary changes, then save the workspace. 下次用户打开该工作区时,该工作区会再次锁定。

If you cannot make and save changes to a workspace and the Temporarily Unlock option is not available in the File menu, this workspace has been locked by your Adobe application administrator and you cannot change it. 有关详细信息,请与您的管理员联系。


在工作区的标题栏中,单击 File > Temporarily Unlock


For information about configuring individual workspaces and entire tabs or folders to be locked, see Configuring Locked Workspaces.

To delete server workspaces, you must use the Profile Manager. 有关详细信息,请参 阅从工作配置文件中删除文件