Save a dimension from a process map


  1. 右键单击选定的节点,然后单击 Save Dimension。 The Save Dimension As window appears. 默认的保存位置是User*配置文件名称*\Dimensions文件夹。

    若要基于多个节点创建新的维度,请按下 Ctrl 的同时单击并拖动以创建一个包含要选择的项目的框。右键单击框,然后单击 Collapse to a single node。 Right-click the collapsed node and click Save Dimension.

  2. In the File name field, type a more descriptive name for the dimension and click Save. 此时,您便可以从任何维度列表访问该维度。

    If you would like all users of a profile to use the dimensions that you save, you must upload them to the appropriate profile using the Profile Manager. See Publishing Files to Your Working Profile.