Publish files to your working profile


例如,如果您创建了对其他用户有用的度量,则可以通过将此度量发布(或上传)到Data Workbench Server来与使用此配置文件的其他Data Workbench用户共享该度量。

Although you can save workspaces to your working profile on the Data Workbench server using the Profile Manager, you can do so directly from the Worktop by right-clicking a workspace thumbnail and selecting Save to server, which is the suggested method.


只有具有相应权限的用户才能将工作区保存到Data Workbench服务器。 有关详细信息,请与您的系统管理员联系。


  1. In the Profile Manager, open the necessary folders and subfolders in the Profile Manager to locate the file that you want to publish. The Profile Manager displays a white check mark in the User column next to the file indicating that a local copy of this file now resides in the User*profile name* folder on your computer.

  2. 右键单击列中文件的白色复选标记, User 然后单击 Save to > <profile name>

    The Profile Manager displays a check mark next to the file name in the selected profile’s column and removes the white check mark in the User column. 您的文件现在可供所有用户使用,并且会在下次加载配置文件时自动下载到他们(以及您)的计算机上。