Modify local files in the user profile




  1. In the Profile Manager, open the necessary folders and subfolders to locate the file that you want to download.

  2. Right-click the check mark next to the name of the file and click Make Local.


    Configuration ( .cfg), dimension ( .dim), and metric ( .metric) files can be edited directly in a profile folder and saved to the server without making them local and separately saving them to the server. Simply right-click the check mark next to the name of the file and click Open > in workstation.

After the file has been downloaded to the local computer, a check mark appears in the User column, which indicates that a local copy of the file resides in the User*profile name* folder on your computer. 请注意,复选标记的颜色与​配置文件名称​列中的复选标记相同。这表示本地文件与​配置文件名称​文件夹中的文件具有相同的修改日期和时间。


  1. Right-click the check mark next to the file name in the User column.

  2. 单击以下菜单选项之一,具体选择取决于您希望如何编辑文件:

    • Open > in workstation if you are editing a .vw file or .cfg file in a workspace.

    • 打开 > in vw。 编辑器

    • Open > In Notepad if you wan open a text file or need to add new parameters to a .cfg file.

    • Open > folder if you want to open the folder which the file is on the computer

  3. 根据需要编辑文件,然后保存该文件。

In the Profile Manager, note that the check mark in the User column for the file you edited has changed color. 这表示本地文件现在不同于​配置文件名称​文件夹中的版本。如有必要,可以将文件的修改版本发布到配置文件,以供使用此配置文件的其他用户使用。