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Campaign Control Panel helps you increase efficiency in your work as a product admin of Campaign Standard and V7/v8, by allowing you to manage settings and track usages for each of your Campaign instances.

What’s new

Control Panel availability to hybrid hosting model

Control Panel is now available to customers with hybrid hosting model. These customers can leverage the features of Control Panel by providing their MID/RT instance URL configured in their marketing instance in Control Panel. Read more

Throughputs and latencies monitoring updates

Throughputs and latencies monitoring capabilities have been enhanced. Read more

  • You can now identify the IDs of the top 5 deliveries that are contributing to the throughput of your instance.
  • Campaign Classic v7/v8 customers can now visualize latency for a specific channel.
  • Control Panel is restricted to Admin users. Learn more

  • For Campaign v7, deployment restrictions apply. Learn more

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