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Last update: 2023-11-15
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Live Search is a service for Adobe Commerce that replaces the standard search capabilities. The Live Search module is installed with Composer and connects your Commerce installation to the Live Search service. When it is configured, the default search text field is replaced with the Live Search text field. Live Search also installs the Product Listing Page (PLP) widget which provides robust filtering capabilities when browsing search results.

Live Search appears on the Marketing menu under SEO & Search in the Commerce Admin.

The Adobe Commerce side of the architecture includes hosting the search Admin, synchronizing catalog data, and running the query service. After Live Search is installed and configured, Adobe Commerce begins sharing search and catalog data with SaaS services. At this point, Admin users can set up, customize, and manage search facets, synonyms, and merchandising rules.

Live Search architecture diagram

Live Search components

  • Live Search popover is the box that opens under the search field that contains the search results.
  • Product Listing Page widget provides a searchable product listing page with facets and synonym support.
  • AEM CIF components: The Popover widget and the PLP Widget allow AEM sites to take advantage of Live Search.
  • Live Search Admin is where rules, facets, and synonyms are configured.
  • The Search Adapter is the default implementation of Live Search. Recommended for headless and custom implementations.

Live Search demo

Watch this video to learn about Live Search:

For a more in-depth video of how to use and configure Live Search, see the Full Demonstration on Live Search topic.

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