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Last update: 2023-10-09
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With a focus on speed, relevance, and ease of use, Live Search is a game changer for shoppers and merchants alike. Follow along for a quick tour of Live Search from the storefront.

Search as you type

Live Search responds with suggested products and a thumbnail image of top search results in a popover as shoppers type queries into the Search box. The product detail page appears when shoppers click a suggested or featured product. A View all link in the footer of the popover displays the search results page.

Live Search returns “search as you type” results for a query of two or more characters. For a partial match, the maximum number of characters per word is 20. The number of characters in the query is not configurable. The following fields are included in the popover: name, sku, and category_ids.

Example storefront - search as you type

View all search results

To list all products returned by the “search as you type” query, click View all in the footer of the popover.

Example storefront - price facets

Filtered search with facets

Filtered search uses multiple dimensions of attribute values, or facets, as search criteria. The selection of filters is defined by the merchant and changes according to the products returned, with the most commonly-used facets pinned to the top of the list.

Use facets as URL parameters:http://yourwebsite.com?color=red, and Live Search filters results based on these attribute values.


Synonyms expand the reach and sharpen the focus of queries by including words shoppers might use that differ from those in the catalog. You can fine tune the synonym dictionary to keep shoppers engaged and on the path to purchase.

Merchandising rules

Merchandising rules shape the shopping experience with if-then statements that add logic and events to search. You can easily boost or bury products for a promotion, season, or other period of time.

Search terms support

Live Search supports Commerce search term redirects. For example, users can search for a term such as “Shipping Rates” and be taken directly to the the shipping rates page.

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