Seller-Assisted Shopping

Last update: 2023-06-28
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Customers sometimes need assistance to complete a purchase. Some customers like to shop online, but might prefer to order by phone. You can offer immediate assistance to both guests and customers who have registered for an account with your store.

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In this video, we’ll be walking through how to configure an Assisted Seller Shopping .

First, let’s configure this feature. From the left side barclick Stores. In the Settings area choose Configuration.

Now scroll down to the Customer section, expand Customer Section, choose Log in as a Customer and make sure that Enable Extension is set to Yes.

Next, if you have multiple sites or multi-store set up you can choose this option to be a manual.

Then save configuration. Next, let’s see how to enable access for admin users. At the left side bar choose Systems. And then from Permissions, choose User Roles.

Select a specific user that you want to give them access to. Choose Role Resources and then scroll down all the way to Customer Section.

Make sure that Login as a Customer and View Login as Customer Log is checked. Then you can save role. And now you have access to Login as a Customer. Now, how can we access this feature benefit? There are multiple ways to access Login as a Customer. First, you can actually access this through Customer Section. You can click on All Customers and then you can open any customers in edit mode.

And now you’ve access to Login as Customer on top. There are other ways to access Login as a Customer and they’re all through Sales Section on the left side bar. You can click on Sales. You can access this feature through orders, invoices, shipments, and credit memos. Let’s choose one of them now. When you have all of your orders you can click on View and you have access to Login as a Customer on top. Let’s now log in as a customer. This feature will allow you to actually see your customer’s experience and it will help you to provide better customer service to your customers. You can add products to their shopping carts.

Or you can even make changes or edits to their account section. Sometimes customers may face with issues in the My Account area and you have no way to detect these issues other than logging in as customer. This feature will provide you with access. And you’ll be able to make changes to their address or help them with any issues in their account. -

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