MBI: Creating and editing advanced calculated columns

Last update: 2023-07-21

Admin users have the ability to create and edit certain calculated columns in the Data Warehouse Manager. These calculated columns give you the ability to set up the reporting you are looking for to answer key business questions.

For the list of calculated columns that you can create in the Data Warehouse Manager, as well as guidance to ensure you set them up correctly, check out the following articles in our user guide:

I still need help!

If you need help with creating a regular calculated column or want to create or edit an Advanced Calculated Column, reach out to our team and include the following:

  • What are you trying to do?
  • What table do you need the new column(s) built on?
  • What are the paths between this table and any others?
  • What columns should be used as inputs to the new calculated column(s)?
  • What logic do we need to create the new column(s)? Ex: MIN, MAX, etc.

If you’re unsure how to answer any of these questions, don’t worry! Try your best, and we’ll help walk you through it.

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