Release notes for Commerce Cloud Tools Suite

Last update: 2023-10-10
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This release information details the latest improvements to the Cloud Tools Suite for Commerce packages which are designed to deploy and manage Adobe Commerce installations and upgrades on the Cloud platform.

Release notes Version Description Source
ece-tools package 2002.1.16 A set of scripts and tools designed to manage and deploy Cloud projects magento/ece-tools
Cloud Patches for Commerce 1.0.24 A set of patches which improve the integration of all Adobe Commerce versions with Cloud environments. This package includes Adobe Commerce patches and available hotfixes that are applied when you use ece-tools to deploy magento/magento-cloud-patches
Cloud Docker for Commerce 1.3.6 Functionality and configuration files for Docker images to deploy Adobe Commerce to a local cloud environment magento/magento-cloud-docker
Cloud Components of Commerce 1.0.13 Extended Adobe Commerce core functionality for sites deployed on the Cloud infrastructure magento/magento-cloud-components

When you update to ECE-Tools 2002.1.0 or later, you automatically update to the latest versions of the other packages, which are dependencies for the ece-tools package. See Cloud metapackage for a list of dependencies.

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