Understanding quarantine management

About quarantines

An email address or a phone number can be quarantined, for example, when the mailbox is full or if the address does not exist.

In any case, the quarantine procedure complies with specific rules described in this section.

Optimizing your delivery through quarantines

The profiles whose email addresses or phone number are in quarantine are automatically excluded during message preparation (see Identifying quarantined addresses for a delivery). This will speed up deliveries, as the error rate has a significant effect on delivery speed.

Some internet access providers automatically consider emails to be spam if the rate of invalid addresses is too high. Quarantine therefore allows you to avoid being added to denylist by these providers.

Moreover, quarantines help reducing SMS sending costs by excluding erroneous phone numbers from deliveries.

For more on best practices to secure and optimize your deliveries, refer to this page.

Quarantine vs Denylist

Quarantine applies only to an address, not the profile itself. It means that, if two profiles have the same email address, they will both be affected if the address is quarantined.

Likewise, a profile whose email address is quarantined could update his profile and enter a new address, and could then be targeted by delivery actions again.

Being on the Denylist, on the other hand, will result in the profile no longer being targeted by any delivery, for example after an unsubscription (opt-out). For more on the denylist process, refer to About opt-in and opt-out in Campaign.


When a user replies to an SMS message with a keyword such as “STOP” in order to opt-out from SMS deliveries, his profile is not on denylist like in the email opt-out process. The profile phone number is sent to quarantine with the On denylist status. This status refers to the phone number only, the profile is not on denylist so that the user continues receiving email messages. For more on this, refer to this section.

Identifying quarantined addresses

Quarantined addresses can be listed for a specific delivery or for the entire platform.


If you need to remove an address from quarantine, contact your technical administrator.

Identifying quarantined addresses for a delivery

Quarantined addresses for a specific delivery are listed during the delivery preparation phase, in the Exclusion logs tab of the delivery dashboard (see this section). For more on delivery preparation, refer to this section.

Identifying quarantined addresses for the entire platform

Administrators can list the addresses in quarantine for the entire platform from the Administration > Channels > Quarantines > Addresses menu.


This menu lists quarantined elements for email, SMS and Push notification channels.


The increase in number of quarantines is a normal effect, related to the “wear and tear” of the database. For example, if the lifetime of an email address is considered to be three years and the recipient table increases by 50% each year, the increase in quarantines can be calculated as follows: End of Year 1: (1*0.33)/(1+0.5)=22%. End of Year 2: ((1.22*0.33)+0.33)/(1.5+0.75)=32.5%.

Conditions for sending an address to quarantine

Adobe Campaign manages quarantine according to the delivery failure type and the reason assigned during error messages qualification (see Delivery failure types and reasons and Bounce mail qualification).

  • Ignored error: ignored errors do not send an address to quarantine.

  • Hard error: the corresponding email address is immediately sent to quarantine.

  • Soft error: soft errors do not send immediately an address to quarantine, but they increment an error counter. When the error counter reaches the limit threshold, the address goes into quarantine. In the default configuration, the threshold is set at five errors, where two errors are significant if they occur at least 24 hours apart. The address is placed in quarantine at the fifth error. The error counter threshold can be modified. For more on this, refer to this page.

    When a delivery is successful after a retry, the error counter of the address which was prior to that quarantined is reinitialized. The address status changes to Valid and it is deleted from the list of quarantines after two days by the Database cleanup workflow.

If a user qualifies an email as a spam (Feedback loop), the message is automatically redirected towards a technical mailbox managed by Campaign. The user’s email address is then automatically sent to quarantine with the On denylist status. This status refers to the address only, the profile is not on the denylist, so that the user continues receiving SMS messages and push notifications.


Quarantine in Adobe Campaign is case sensitive. Make sure to import email addresses in lower case, so that they are not retargeted later on.

In the list of quarantined addresses (see Identifying quarantined addresses for the entire platform), the Error reason field indicates why the selected address was placed in quarantine.

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