Deprecated and Removed Features

Adobe constantly evaluates product capabilities to identify older features that should be replaced with more modern alternatives to improve overall customer value, always under careful consideration of backward compatibility.

To communicate the impending removal/replacement of Campaign Standard capabilities, the following rules apply:

  • Announcement of deprecation comes first. While deprecated capabilities can still be available for existing users, they will not be further enhanced, nor documented.
  • Removal of deprecated capabilities will occur in the following release at the earliest. Actual target date for removal is announced in this page.

This process gives customers at least one release cycle to adapt their implementation to a new version or successor of a deprecated capability, before actual removal.


Adobe Campaign Standard releases and new capabilities are listed in the Release Notes.

Deprecated Features

This section lists features and capabilities that have been marked as deprecated with latest Campaign Standard releases.

Generally, features that are planned to be removed in a future release are set to deprecated first, with an alternative provided. These features and capabilities are either no longer available for new Campaign Standard customers, or should not be used for any new implementation. They are also removed from product documentation.

Customers are advised to review if they make use of the feature/capability in their current deployment, and make plans to change their implementation to use the alternative provided. Please refer to the target removal version to plan your environment and project updates accordingly.

Experience Cloud Assets integration

Starting July 2021, Assets is now a legacy core service, under sustenance. Learn more.

For new implementation, you can no longer integrate Experience Cloud Assets with Adobe Campaign Standard.

Target removal date: 2022

Push Notifications with SDK v4

Starting Campaign 20.1 release, SDK v4 is deprecated. Learn more.

The Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK (previously referred to as v5) will exclusively support upcoming Adobe Experience Cloud features and functionality.

Learn how to migrate from SDK v4 to Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK in this page.

Target removal date: August 31, 2021

Email Design - Legacy email editor

Starting Campaign 19.0 release, the legacy email editor is deprecated. Use Campaign Email Designer to create and personalize your email content.

Read out this section to learn how to adapt your email templates for the new editor.

Target removal date: end of 2021

Users & Security - Geographical units

Starting Campaign 18.7 release, Geographical units are deprecated. Organizational and Geographical units are identical constructs in Campaign. Users should use Organizational units alone to build their user permission/data access hierarchy. Learn more. Please note that new Campaign Standard instances, as well as existing instances with no geographical units created, cannot have this capability implemented starting 18.7 release.

Removed Features

This section lists features and capabilities that have been removed from Campaign Standard.

Privacy requests - Campaign API and interface

Starting Campaign 21.2 release, the use of the Campaign API and interface for access and delete requests is deprecated. The 2-step profile deletion will not be available. Use Adobe Privacy Core Service.

See also Managing Privacy requests.

Predictive Subject Line

Starting April 2021, Predictive Subject Line capability is decommissioned.

We suggest you leverage AI-powered email capabilities to analyze and predict open rates, optimal send times, and probable churn based on historical engagement metrics. Learn more

Propensity Score with Experience Cloud Triggers

The Propensity Score has been decommissioned from Adobe Experience Cloud Triggers. As a consequence, this option has been removed from Adobe Campaign Standard. To avoid any outdated values of Propensity score in the Enrichment schemas, we recommend updating schemas to retrieve the latest changes and republishing existing Triggers. For more information, refer to Publishing a trigger in Campaign .

Creative SDK for Campaign Standard

Adobe Creative SDK has been decommissioned. As a consequence, image edition powered by Creative SDK in Campaign Standard emails is no longer available starting Campaign 20.2 release.

End of compatibility

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Cloud has dropped support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 starting Spring 2019, and Campaign 19.2 release. Please switch to Microsoft Edge or another supported browser. Learn more.

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