Experience Data Model overview


Adobe Experience Platform Data Connector is currently in beta, which may be subject to frequent updates without notice. Customers are required to be hosted on Azure (currently in beta for North America only) to access these capabilities. Please reach out to Adobe Customer Care if you would like access.

Experience Data Model (XDM) is a standard set of data schemas into which data might be ingested for use with Adobe Experience Platform solutions and products.

The creation and management of XDM schemas is available with a dedicated API or with the XDM user interface.

XDM workspace

XDM Workspace affords the ability to view, create, and extend data schemas.

To access the XDM user interface, open Adobe Experience Platform. Navigate to the Data Model window to create or extend an XDM schema.

Consult the full XDM Workspace documentation.


You can perform the following actions via the XDM Schema API:

  • View a list of existing schemas
  • View a specific schema Extend an existing schema
  • Add fields to an extension
  • Create and update a new schema
  • View schema descriptors
  • Create, update, and delete schema descriptors

All the details to manipulate API calls are available in the Developer Guide.

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