Personalizing campaigns using Adobe Experience Platform attributes


Audience Destinations service is currently in beta, which may be subject to frequent updates without notice. Customers are required to be hosted on Azure (currently in beta for North America only) to access these capabilities. Please reach out to Adobe Customer Care if you would like access.

Push and In-App channels are not available yet for personalization using contextual data from Adobe Experience Platform.

Once your workflow is configured with an Adobe Experience Platform audience, you can personalize messages with profile attributes that exist exclusively in the Experience Data Model (XDM).

To do this, you must add these attributes into the Read audience activity:

  1. Open the Read audience activity. In the Additional data tab, click the Create element button.

    Note that the Additional data tab is only available after an Adobe Experience Platform audience has been selected.


    Array and map data types are not supported in this feature. Also, only data from the union schema will be displayed in the picker.

  2. Select the desired XDM field from the list, then click Confirm.

  3. Click the Add button to add it to the list of additional data.

  4. Repeat these steps for every XDM field that you want to add into your workflow.


    You can add a maximum of 20 XDM fields in a Read audience activity.

  5. Once all the fields have been added, click the Confirm button to save your changes. They will now be available to personalize your deliveries.

For more information on how to create and personalize deliveries, refer to the Campaign Standard documentation:

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