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Last update: 2024-02-22
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This integrated experience business sought to personalize the entire customer journey to increase loyalty, upsell to existing customers, and improve marketing spend across their campaigns. The strategy to accomplish the goal is by extending their digital capability to include offline customer data & transaction data to drive growth.

Adobe approach

  • Generate a unified customer profile that includes all relevant online/offline data which can be activated in real-time
  • Orchestrate customer interactions across web, media, and push channels in order to drive first-time, or second-time, purchasing behavior.

Business value delivered

Goals Tactics Value Unlocked
Orchestrate real-time customer journeys

Drive repeat purchases from new customers

Improve marketing efficiencies and reduce media costs
  • Robust data and identity strategy to fuel a comprehensive real-time profile.
  • Customer and transactional data streaming in real-time including a 90 day historical load
  • Streaming segmentation to Advertising Networks and Adobe Target to power media spend and personalization efforts.
  • Real-time customer journeys through Adobe Campaign that include a strategy to measure performance
  • Real-time Customer Data Platform: Delivering real-time, customer experiences across media, email, push, and web
  • Data Sources: Streaming data covering this retailer’s profile stores, order system, product catalogue, and retail outlets.
  • Real-time Media Activation:Streaming segments to Advertising Networks for attribution & ad suppression
  • Real-time Web Personalization:Streaming segments activated to Adobe Target in order to activate on the retailer’s web experience.
  • Journey Orchestration at Scale:Triggered messaging in real-time enriched with available customer data & activated in real-time to email & push channels


Category Goal Use case Description
Customer Journeys Acquisition Welcome Series Welcome new subscribers with introduction to the business, product & services
1st purchase program
Improve Sales Abandoned Cart/Browse Recover prospective purchasers and drive-up sales
Product Review/Cross-Sell Cross-sell more items with Product reviews.
Product Promotions
Time to Reorder Recurring reminder for cyclic products/services
Brand Loyalty Win back Recover customers who have been inactive.
Birthday Reminders Foster a more personal relationship with your customers by being part of their birthday celebration!
Merchandising Manage Inventory Back in Stock Improve inventory by showing customers products they wanted are back in stock
Next Best Category Identify best categories/selling for users
Best Sellers
Price Drop Reminders Show users that items they liked have a reduced price
Similar Products
Personalize Increase Conversion Coupons/Offers Show best offers/coupons to customers
Personalized Product Search Improve search experience
Product Recommendations Improve product browsing experience
Omni-Channel Experience Reach customers across all channels
Measure Understand Customer Journeys Cross Channel Campaign Measure cross channel campaigns
Segment Performance Understand segment performance and contribution
Fallout Reports Visualize conversions at each stage
Cohort Analysis Measure engagement between segment groups
Click-to-Brick Reports See how customer conversions lead to in-store experience
Attribution View which touchpoint/experience has the highest influence on purchase conversion
Predictive Insights Know more about customer propensities


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