Usage Limits

Last update: 2021-04-04

Audience Manager sets a maximum limit on the number of traits, segments, destinations, and algorithmic models that you can create for an account. Limits apply to these items whether created in the user interface or programmatically through API methods. Usage limits help protect Audience Manager from automated processes that may attempt to compromise our APIs or user interface.

ID Mapping Limits

The table below lists the ID mapping limits for device IDs. Once an ID reaches any of the limits below, Audience Manager adds new ID mappings based on a FIFO (first in, first out) logic, by removing the oldest stored ID mapping, and adding the new one. Refer to Index of IDs in Audience Manager for details on the IDs supported by Audience Manager.

ID Mapping Maximum Limit
Device Advertising ID (DAID) to Cross-device ID (DPUUID) 100 Device Advertising IDs (DAID) to 1 Cross-device ID (DPUUID)
Cross-device ID (DPUUID) to Device Advertising ID (DAID) 10 Cross-device IDs (DPUUID) to 1 Device Advertising ID (DAID), per each DPID
Cookie/browser ID to cookie/browser ID 1000 cookie/browser IDs to 1 cookie/browser ID

Item Limits

The tables list the current limits by item type. You cannot create new traits, segments, destinations, or Algorithmic Models if you reach a specific limit for one of these items. If you do reach a limit, you must delete an older item before you can create a new one.

Trait Limits

Trait Type Maximum Limit
Total Traits 100,000
Total Trait Qualifications 150,000. For more information on trait qualification, see Trait Qualification Limit in Trait Qualifications Reference.
Algorithmic 50
Rule Based 100,000
Onboarded 100,000
Folder Traits 2,000

Segment Limits

Segment Type Maximum Limit
Total Segments 20,000

Destination Limits

Destination Type Maximum Limit
Total Destinations 1,000
Cookie 1,000
URL 1,000
S2S 100
Adobe Analytics 10

Algorithmic Model Limits

Item Maximum Limit
Active Look-Alike Models 20. Audience Manager only counts active algorithmic models against the limit.
Look-Alike Models maximum audience size 25,000,000. Note that this limit cannot be increased. You can decrease audience sizes by selecting fewer data sources for the model or by selecting a shorter look-back window.
Maximum number of excluded traits for a Look-Alike Model 500. See Trait Exclusion in Algorithmic Modeling.
Maximum Predictive Audiences Models 10
Maximum number of baseline personas for Predictive Audiences Models 50

Folder Limits

Item Maximum Limit
Trait Folders 2,000. Your folder structure can be maximum 5 levels deep.

Derived Signals Limits

Item Maximum Limit
Derived Signals 50,000.

Company User Accounts Limit

Item Maximum Limit
Maximum number of user accounts for a company 1,000.

Monitor Usage

You can see usage and limits for your account by going to Administration > Limits. Access requires administrator permissions.

usage limits image

Increase Item Limits

The default limits listed here should provide enough capacity for your business needs. If your organization consistently reaches these limits, contact your account representative to discuss an increase.

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