Formatting Key-Value Pairs in DCS Calls

Last update: 2021-04-04
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When making a call, the DCS accepts key-value data in standard or serialized format. Review this section for information about how to format standard and serialized key-value data.

Standard and Serialized Key-Value Pairs

Key-Value Type Description Example

A standard key-value pair consists of a single key and value. This structure organizes data into separate key-value pairs. Each key is stated explicitly, even when it’s used again to define a different value. This is the most common way to send data to the DCS.


A serialized key-value pair consists of a single key and multiple values. This can be an efficient way to organize data, but serialized key-value pairs require specific symbols to separate each key and each key-value set.


Delimiters and Separators for Serialized Key-Value Pairs

With serialized key-value pairs, you must specify the markers that separate values within and between these variables. Audience Manager requires the following delimiters and separators:

Requirements for Symbol Separates Individual
Delimiters Ampersand &

Key-value pairs:


Separators Comma ,

Values within key-value pairs:


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