Le damos la bienvenida a la página de inicio y a la documentación técnica de Adobe Audience Manager. Aquí puede encontrar información de autoayuda y soporte técnico.


Audience Manager ofrece servicios líderes en el sector de la administración de datos de audiencias en línea.

Information about the history of Audience Manager, types of data collected, segmentation, reporting, and more.

Describes components of a segment, expressions used to set audience qualification criteria, and how data is transmitted.

A destination is any third-party system, such as ad server or DSP, with which to share data. Use Destination Builder to create and manage cookie, URL, or server-to-server destinations.


Explicación de los términos y conceptos básicos

Learn basic terms and concepts that will get you started in Audience Manager, including signals, traits, segments, and more.

Introducción a Identity

Learn how Audience Manager manages identity, including internal profiles and profile merging as well as ID syncing with partners.

Crear una fuente de datos para datos de Analytics

Learn to create a Data Source for data coming in live from an analytics solution, like Adobe Analytics. Do this prior to creating traits for the analytics data.

Tutoriales de Audience Manager

Una recopilación de vídeos y tutoriales de Adobe Analytics.

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