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The purchase event is a value in the events variable. This value is useful for organizations that want to collect data around the revenue that their site generates. It is heavily dependent on the products and purchaseID variables.

When you set a purchase event, it affects the following metrics:

  • The ‘Orders’ metric increments by 1
  • The ‘Units’ metric increments by the number of products in the products variable
  • The ‘Revenue’ metric increases by the sum of price parameters in the products variable

Revenue is not multiplied by the quantity field. For example, s.products="Womens;Socks;5;4.50" does not pass $22.50 into revenue; it passes $4.50. Make sure that your implementation passes the total revenue for the quantity listed. For example, s.products="Womens;Socks;5;22.50".

Set the purchase event using the Web SDK

The purchase event is mapped for Adobe Analytics under several XDM fields:

  • Orders are mapped to commerce.purchases.value.
  • Units are mapped to the sum of all productListItems[].quantity fields.
  • Revenue is mapped to the sum of all productListItems[].priceTotal fields.

Set the purchase event using the Adobe Analytics extension

  1. Log in to Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection using your AdobeID credentials.
  2. Click the desired tag property.
  3. Go to the Rules tab, then click the desired rule (or create a rule).
  4. Under Actions, click an existing Adobe Analytics - Set Variables action or click the ‘+’ icon.
  5. Set the Extension drop-down list to Adobe Analytics, and the Action Type to Set Variables.
  6. Locate the Events section, and set the Events drop-down list to purchase.

Other dependent variables like products and purchaseID do not have dedicated fields in the Analytics extension within Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection. Use the custom code editor following AppMeasurement syntax for these variables.

Set the purchase event in AppMeasurement and the Analytics extension custom code editor

The purchase event is a string that is set as part of the events variable.

// Set the purchase event by itself
s.events = "purchase";

// Set the purchase event alongside other events
s.events = "purchase,event1,event2";

Purchase event de-duplication

When you fire a purchase event, Adobe checks the following:

  • Does the hit contain the purchaseID variable? If not, Adobe uses information from the hit to create a “temporary purchase ID”. This temporary purchase ID only applies to the visitor of the hit. The previous 5 temporary purchase ID’s are stored for each visitor ID per report suite.
  • Does the temporary purchase ID match any of the last five stored temporary purchase IDs? If so, the image request is considered a duplicate purchase. All conversion variables, including the purchase event, do not appear in reporting.
  • If the purchaseID variable is defined, does it match any value already collected in the report suite across all visitors? If so, the image request is considered a duplicate purchase. All conversion variables, including the purchase event, do not appear in reporting.

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