The channel variable typically stores the section of the site a given page is on. It is helpful to determine what groups of your site are most popular. This variable populates the ‘Site Sections’ dimension.

Channel using tags in Adobe Experience Platform

You can set channel either while configuring the Analytics extension (global variables) or under rules.

  1. Log in to the Data Collection UI using your AdobeID credentials.
  2. Click the desired property.
  3. Go to the Rules tab, then click the desired rule (or create a rule).
  4. Under Actions, click an existing Adobe Analytics - Set Variables action or click the ‘+’ icon.
  5. Set the Extension dropdown to Adobe Analytics, and the Action Type to Set Variables.
  6. Locate the Channel section.

You can set channel to any string value or data element. in AppMeasurement and custom code editor

The variable is a string that typically contains the page’s site section. It has a maximum value of 100 bytes; longer values are truncated. = "Example site section";

If using the digitalData data layer: =;

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