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The following table lists all query string parameters Adobe uses in image requests. This information can be used when debugging using Packet analyzers, when hardcoding image requests, or when using Dynamic Variables.

Parameter Analytics implementation variable Description
aamlh None Audience Manager location hint. Used in Experience Cloud Shared Profile integration.
aamb None Audience Manager blob. Used in Experience Cloud Shared Profile integration.
aid None Analytics visitor ID.
AQB None Indicates the beginning of an image request query string.
AQE None Indicates the end of an image request, meaning that the request was not truncated.
bh None Browser height (in pixels). Used in the Browser height dimension.
bw None Browser width (in pixels). Used in the Browser width dimension.
c None Color quality (in bits). Used in the Color depth dimension.
c. contextData Indicates the start of context data variables. Never contains a value.
.c contextData Indicates the end of context data variables. Never contains a value.
c1 - c75 prop1 - prop75 Props, or custom traffic variables.
cc currencyCode The type of currency used in the hit.
cdp cookieDomainPeriods The number of periods in a domain. Used to help store cookies correctly.
ce charSet The character encoding of the image request.
cl cookieLifetime The lifetime of the visitor cookie.
ch channel Used in the Site sections dimension.
cp None Used in the Hit Type dimension.
ct None Used in the Connection Type dimension.
D dynamicVariablePrefix Denotes what to use for dynamic variables.
ev events Shorthand for the events query string.
events events Comma-separated list of events on the page. Used by most metrics.
g pageURL The current URL of the page, up to 255 bytes. Used in the Page URL dimension.
-g pageURL URLs longer than 255 bytes are split. The first 255 bytes appear in the g parameter, and all remaining bytes appear in the -g parameter.
gn pageName Shorthand for the pageName query string.
gt pageType Shorthand for the pageType query string.
h. collectHighEntropyUserAgentHints Prefix for several variables that represent Client hints.
h1 - h5 hier1 - hier5 Hierarchy dimensions.
hp None No longer used. In previous versions of Adobe Analytics, determined if the current URL was the browser’s homepage.
j None The JavaScript version installed in the browser.
k None Used in the Cookie support dimension.
l1 - l3 list1 - list3 List variables.
lrt None The “last request timing,” which is the roundtrip time for the last request, in milliseconds. It is sent only when more than one request is going out from a page or when the page is a single-page application (SPA).
mid None Experience Cloud visitor ID.
ndh None Flag indicating if the image request originated from AppMeasurement.
ns visitorNameSpace Helps determine where cookies are set.
oid s_objectID Object identifier for the last page. Used in Activity Map.
ot None Object name for the last page. Used in previous versions of Activity Map.
p None No longer used. List of plug-ins used in the browser.
pageName pageName Used in the Page dimension.
pageType pageType Used in the Pages not found dimension.
pccr None Only set for new visitors and always set to true. Helps prevent infinite redirects if a visitor rejects cookies.
pe tl() Determines the type of custom link. Required for Custom links, Download links, and Exit links.
pev1 None The URL the custom link occurred on.
pev2 tl() Custom link friendly name.
pev3 None No longer used. Tracked milestones in previous versions of video reporting.
pf None Platform flag; for Adobe use only. Do not alter.
pid None Page identifier for last page. Used in previous versions of Activity Map.
pidt None Page identifier type for last page. Used in previous versions of Activity Map.
pl products Shorthand for the products query string.
products products Products variable. Used in the Product and Category dimensions.
purchaseID purchaseID Used to deduplicate purchases.
r referrer Referring URL of the hit. Used in traffic sources dimensions, such as Referrer and Referring domain
s None Screen resolution, in width x height. Used in the Monitor resolutions dimension.
server server Server dimension.
sv server Shorthand for the server query string.
state state State dimension.
t None Generated date/time of the hit. Uses the format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss w o.
- dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss is date/time in JavaScript. Month 0 is January, while month 11 is December.
- w is the day of the week. 0 is Sunday, while 6 is Saturday.
- o is the negative GMT offset in minutes. For example, 420 is GMT-7.
ts timestamp The custom timestamp set with the hit. Typically used for offline tracking.
v None Used in the Java enabled dimension.
v0 campaign Tracking Code dimension.
v1 - v250 evar1 - eVar250 eVars, or custom conversion dimensions.
vid visitorID Visitor ID variable.
vidn None Set by AppMeasurement for new visitors. Contains the ID value stored in the visitor cookie.
vmk vmk No longer used. Visitor migration key, which helped migrate implementations from third party to first-party cookies.
vvp variableProvider Used in Data Connectors.
xact transactionID Used with Data Sources to tie online and offline data together.
zip zip Used in the Zip code dimension.

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