Manage Data Warehouse requests

The Request Manager lets you view, duplicate, and re-prioritize requests.

In Data Warehouse, select the Request Manager tab.

Working in this tab lets you

  • View recent report requests by report name, segment applied, requestor, request date and status.

  • Duplicate requests. Click Duplicate next to the request.


    This action duplicates only the request, not the schedule or the delivery details.

  • Search for reports by report name or by the login name of the requestor.

  • Re-prioritize reports by dragging and dropping them to a new location within the queue.

  • To see when a request started processing, click on a scheduled request ID and examine the pop-up that opens.

Click on a job to see individual requests for that job.

  • Rate Limited: Your organization has too many Data Warehouse requests running. The request is paused until other data requests complete.

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