Mobile lifecycle dimensions

Last update: 2023-10-03
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This page reference data tracked commonly through the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK. For mobile device information using user agent, see Mobile lookup dimensions. For metrics tracked using the Mobile SDK, see Mobile lifecycle metrics.

Lifecycle dimension name Description Context data variable
First Launch Date TBD
Device Name (SDK) a.DeviceName
Operating System Version (SDK) a.OSVersion
Resolution (SDK) a.Resolution
Acquisition Source a.referrer.campaign.source
App Id a.AppID
Acquisition Medium a.referrer.campaign.medium
Acquisition Term a.referrer.campaign.term
Acquisition Content a.refferer.campaign.content
Acquisition Name
Location (down to 10 km) + a.loc.lon.a
Location (down to 100 m) + a.loc.lon.b
Location (down to 1 m) + a.loc.lon.c
Point of Interest Name a.loc.poi
Distance to Point of Interest Center a.loc.dist
Launch Number a.Launches
Days Since First Use a.DaysSinceFirstUse
Action Name TBD
Lifetime Value (evar) a.ltv.amount
Beacon Major TBD
Beacon Minor TBD
Beacon Proximity TBD
Days Since Last Use a.DaysSinceFirstUse
Hour of Day (SDK) a.HourOfDay
Day of Week (SDK) a.DayOfWeek
Point of Interest ID TBD

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