Create shareable links

Analysis Workspace offers many ways to share a project to your users, including the ability to get a link to a project or a specific part of a project. For most types of links, users who receive a link are required to log in to Adobe Analytics before they can get to the project.

To share a link to the full project, go to Share > Get project link. If the recipient of the link has not been assigned a project role, Admins receive Can edit and Non-admins receive Can duplicate experiences.

You can also share a link to a specific part of a project, such as a panel or individual visualization. This is sometimes referred to as intra-linking. This can be useful to draw your users’ attention to key insights within the project.

  • From any panel header, right-click Get panel link
  • From any table or visualization header, right-click Get visualization link

Watch the video on how to create links and use them to drive recipients to specific parts of your project.


The functionality described in this section is in the Limited Testing phase of release and might not be available yet in your environment. This note will be removed when the functionality is generally available. For information about the Analytics release process, see Adobe Analytics feature releases.

You can share Analysis Workspace projects with people who don’t have access to Adobe Analytics. This can include people outside your organization or those within your organization who are not provisioned with Adobe Analytics.

For more information, see Share a public link with anyone (no login required) in Share projects.)

Use links in a Table of contents

One tip for leveraging the various link options is to always include a table of contents at the top of your Workspace project. In the table of contents, you can link to other relevant projects, specific panels and specific visualizations. This helps the recipient of the project to navigate more easily.

Watch the video on how to construct a Table of contents using links and Workspace’s rich text editor.

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