Analytics product comparison and requirements

Last update: 2024-01-19
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This page contains a comparison of various Adobe Analytics products: Analysis Workspace, Report Builder, Data Warehouse, Data Feeds and Analytics API 2.0.

For information on which Adobe Analytics product to use, see Which Adobe Analytics tool should I use?.

Product Name & Help Link Analysis Workspace Report Builder Data Warehouse Data Feeds Analytics API 2.0
Access method Browser MS Excel for Windows Setup through the browser. Learn more Setup through the browser. Learn more RESTful API tools. Login with Adobe Developer credentials. Learn more
Data granularity Aggregated Aggregated Aggregated Hit Aggregated
Experience Cloud ID (ECID) available No No Yes Yes No
Timestamp available No No No Yes No
Level of processing Fully-processed Fully-processed, with separate real-time report Fully-processed Fully-processed Fully-processed
Admin bot filter data included
Learn more
No Yes - separate bot report No No No
Low traffic (Uniques exceeded) appears
Learn more
Yes Yes No No Yes
Visible row limit (before pagination) 400 50000 Unlimited Unlimited 50000
Multiple report suites Yes Yes No Yes No
Number of breakdowns Unlimited Up to 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited, run across multiple queries
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Yes Yes Yes, with limitations No Yes
Calculated metrics
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Yes, with Attribution Yes, with Attribution Yes No Yes, with Attribution
Marketing Channels
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Yes Yes Yes Yes - va_finder, va_closer Yes
Cohort analysis Yes Yes No No No
Attribution Yes, with Attribution Limited No No Yes, with Attribution
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Yes - Project and Virtual report suite No No No Yes - Virtual report suite only
Project sharing
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Yes, with project roles Yes No No No
Scheduled delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Delivery destinations Email Email, FTP, SFTP, publishing to Microsoft PowerBI Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, Azure SAS, Azure RBAC, and Email Amazon S3, Azure RBAC, Azure SAS, and Google Cloud Platform -
Virtual report suite report time processing
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Yes No No No Yes

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