User group settings (Legacy)


User and product management has moved to the Admin Console. Adobe will notify you when it is your time to migrate users. After all customers have migrated, help content for Analytics > Admin > All admin > User management will be retired.

Descriptions of elements on the Define User Group page.

Admin > User Management > Groups > Add New User Group

Element Description

Group Name

The group name.

Group Description

A description of the group's purpose, such as the type of permissions it grants.

Report Suite Access

  • Available Report Suites

Displays all the report suites to which this group has access.

Select the desired report suites, then click Add.

The assigned report suites appear in the Report Suites Included in Group.

All Report Suite Access: When adding report suites to include in a group, you can specify All Report Suite Access. This setting applies group permissions to all current and future report suites.

  • Report Suites Included in Group

Displays all report suites currently assigned to the group.

To remove a report suite, select it, then click Remove.

Report Access

  • Traffic Reports: Grants access to all reports based on traffic, such as page views, visits, and unique visitors.
  • Tools (Grants access to tools used in Reports & Analytics such as Exclude by IP, Classifications, and legacy Clickmap.)
  • Video and Mobile Reports
  • Path Reports (Grants access to pathing reports like Next Page, Fallout and Time Spent on Page.)
  • Custom Path Reports
  • Test and Target (Grants access to Target reports if your organization uses both Analytics and Target.)
  • SearchCenter
  • Web Services (Grants access to API resources for both reporting and administration.)
  • Metrics (Grants access to metrics used in Reports & Analytics, including default metrics like page views and other metrics like custom events.)
  • Admin Console (Grants access to various components in the Admin Menu, such as Logs and Report Suite settings.)
  • Report Download (Grants the ability to download reports from within the Analytics UI.)
  • Survey (Grants access to Survey reports if your organization also uses the deprecated Adobe Survey capability.)
  • Advanced Reporting (Grants access to advanced reports like Marketing Channels, Anomaly Detection, Segments and Calculated Metrics.)
  • Social (Enables access to reports generated from data within Adobe Social.)
  • Data Connectors (Allows users to create, update or delete data connectors.)

  • All Access

Group members have access to all items in the report group.

  • Customize

Group members can access a subset of the reports in the report group. Click Customize to open a page where you can select the specific reports in the report group that group members can access.

  • Analytics Tools: Enable user permissions for General items (billing, logs, etc.), Company Management, Tools, Web Service Access, Report Builder, and Data Connectors integration.
  • Report Suite Tools: Enable user permissions for API Access, Report Suite Management, Tools and Reports, and Dashboard Items.
  • Metrics: Enable permissions for traffic, conversion, custom events, solution events, content aware, and so on.
  • Dimensions: Customize user access at a granular level, including eVars, traffic reports, solution reports, and pathing reports.

  • No Access

Group members cannot access reports in the report group.

All Report Suites
Assign User Logins

  • Available Users

Displays all currently defined user accounts. Select the desired user accounts, then click Add. The assigned user accounts appear in the Group Members field.

  • Group Members

Displays all user accounts currently assigned as group members. To remove a user account, select it, then click Remove.

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