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Last update: 2022-12-08
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Defines common settings for a website that aggregates content, such as a news portal.

Conversion Variables Type Subrelations Allocation Expiration s_code variable
Internal Campaign String Basic Most Recent (Last) Visit evar1
Internal Search Terms String Basic Most Recent (Last) Visit evar2
Referral Category String Basic Most Recent (Last) Visit evar3
Success Events Type s_code variable
Counter (no subrelations) event1
Referral View Counter (no subrelations) event2
Referral Clicks Counter (no subrelations) event3
Custom Insight Variables s_code variable
Traffic Property 1 - 5 prop1, prop2, prop3, prop4, prop5

The following table contains a list of the standard commerce events. Initial configuration for these events is identical in all report suite templates. Events with an s_code variable of N/A do not need to be set, they are provided automatically.

Standard Commerce Events Type s_code variable
Revenue Counter purchase
Orders Counter purchase
Units Counter purchase
Carts Counter scOpen
Cart Views Counter scView
Instances Counter N/A
Checkouts Counter scCheckout
Cart Additions Counter scAdd
Cart Removals Counter scRemove
Visits Counter (no subrelations) N/A
Page Views Counter (no subrelations) N/A
Daily Unique Visitors Counter (no subrelations) N/A
Unique Visitors Counter (no subrelations) N/A

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