Comparison of different bot exclusion methods

Last update: 2024-01-12
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The following table shows different methods of excluding bots and how they compare to each other.

Method Bot Rules Exclude by IP Address Customer attributes Segmentation 3-rd party scoring + Segmentation Suppress Server Call​​ for Bots at Runtime Custom DB VISTA rule
Description of method for excluding data ​Exclude based on user-agent, IP address, or IP address range IP address ​A flag in customer attributes that identifies ECID as a bot ​Criteria in an Analytics segment that identifies known bots based on bot behavior ​A 3rd party such as Perimeter X or Akamai Bot Manager assigns each page view a score on how likely it is to be a bot. Score is sent into Analytics and segments can be used to filter data out based on the score. ​Client-side logic stops the Analytics server call from being executed for bots. ​A VISTA rule will move traffic from bots that meet certain criteria to a separate report suite.
​Bot names are available for reporting? Yes No No No No No Yes
​Able to see which pages are being visited by bots? Yes No No No Yes No Yes
Incurs server call cost for bots? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Bot data available in data feeds? No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Able to ​report on bot traffic as if they are actual server calls? No No Yes Yes Yes No No
Can retroactively remove data from a data set? No No ​Yes, once declared IDs are implemented Yes Yes, once scores are implemented No No
Is subject to Uniques limits in criteria? No No No Yes No No No
Is s​ubject to additional cost? No No ​Possibly, depending on Analytics SKU No Yes No ​Yes - cost to implement and maintain a VISTA rule

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