Guided analysis FAQ


The functionality described in this article is in the Limited Testing phase of release and might not be available yet in your environment. This note will be removed when the functionality is generally available. For information about the Customer Journey Analytics release process, see Customer Journey Analytics feature releases.

Frequently asked questions around Guided analysis.

 Is Guided analysis available to everyone?

No; Guided analysis is a paid add-on to CJA. If you would like to start using this add-on, contact your Adobe Account Team.

 What implementation changes are required to use Guided analysis?

If you are already using Analysis Workspace in CJA, no additional implementation changes are needed. Guided analysis uses the same data views and connections as Analysis Workspace. The process to onboard and use any project type is identical for all of CJA, including Guided analysis.

 How do terms relate to each other inside and outside of Guided analysis?

Guided analysis uses terms that are more frequently used in the product analytics industry. You can reference this table when switching between Guided analysis and Analysis Workspace.

Guided analysis term Analysis Workspace term
Event Metric
Property Dimension
Value Dimension item
Segment Filter

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