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Last update: 2024-01-03
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Report Builder for Customer Journey Analytics allows you to easily create, edit, and refresh custom reports using Adobe Customer Journey Analytics data. Customer Journey Analytics is a service built on Adobe Experience Platform that lets you join multiple data sources to create a holistic view of your business. With Report Builder’s simple and flexible drag and drop UI, you can create complex data queries and custom reports from Customer Journey Analytics data, all within Excel.

With Report Builder for Customer Journey Analytics, you can:

  • Reference existing worksheet cells to get the perfect row order, date range, or filter
  • Create custom dates using calendar, cell references, or date math
  • Design your tables and visualizations with familiar Excel formatting tools

Report Builder for Customer Journey Analytics is available for Excel on the following platforms:

  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Web browsers

Common use cases

  • Data Extraction: Adobe Report Builder allows you to extract data from Customer Journey Analytics into Excel. You can create custom reports and queries to retrieve specific data points that are relevant to your analysis.

  • Custom Reporting: You can design and format custom reports in Excel to suit your specific reporting needs. This is especially useful for tailoring reports to different stakeholders.

  • Ad-Hoc Analysis: Users can quickly generate ad-hoc reports to answer specific questions or explore data trends without having to go through a lengthy report creation process.

  • Dashboarding: Data extracted from CJA can be used to create Excel-based dashboards and visualizations for a high-level overview of key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Sharing Insights: You can share Excel reports and insights with team members or stakeholders who might not have direct access to CJA.

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This documentation is for Report Builder for Customer Journey Analytics. For information about Report Builder for Analytics on Windows, see Report Builder for Adobe Analytics.

You can download Report Builder for Customer Journey Analytics from the
Microsoft Store.

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