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Last update: 2023-10-02
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Depending on your permissions, you can share filters with your whole organization, groups, or individual users.

Administrator Non-Administrator
Can share filters with All, with Groups, and with Users. See the Admin Console documentation for more information. Can share filters only with individual users.

When should you share filters with the entire company versus just a group of users or individuals? Here are some best practices you might follow:

  • As an Admin, share a filter with All if it’s of use to the entire company and everyone is comfortable using it. In this case, you should also consider making it an approved filter.

  • As an Admin, share a filter with a specific Product Profile if the filter provides good business value for that team. Do not officially approve this type of filter.

  • As an Admin or an individual user, share a filter with other individuals to vet and validate a filter. If it doesn’t prove useful, it can be discarded. Do not officially approve this type of filter.

To share a filter:

  1. In the Filter Manager, mark the checkbox next to the filter you want to share.

  2. In the filter management tool bar, click Share.

  3. If you are an Admin, you can select All or choose from Groups and Users in your organization. As a non-Admin, you can see only individual users. Use the Search field to search for groups or users. Click Share. The Shared icon appears next to the filter:

  4. You can filter on filters shared with you by going to Filters > Other Filters > Shared with Me.

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