Manage audiences created in Customer Journey Analytics

Managing previously created audiences lets you

  • Schedule or de-schedule automatic audience refresh/update. The maximum expiration on the schedule is 1 year.
  • Renew an audience refresh schedule when it is about to expire. Expiring audiences are treated similarly to expiring scheduled reports - the admin gets an email a month before the schedule expires.
  • View the refresh interval and the last time an audience was updated
  • Gain insight into the amount of time it took to produce an audience from Customer Journey Analytics, and the amount of time it took to have the audience appear in Real-time Customer Profile for activation purposes.
  • See whether the audiences in Customer Journey Analytics are being actively used by Real-time Customer Profile or (ideally) any Experience Platform applications that consume the audiences created by Customer Journey Analytics.

Management UI

UI setting Definition
Hide/Show filters Lets you show or hide the following filters in the left rail:
  • Data view
  • Owner
  • Refresh frequency
  • Tags
Title & Description The title and description given to the audience when it was created.
Data view The data view in which this audience was created.
Audience size The total number of people in this audience.
Owner The owner of the audience - the person who created it.
Refresh frequency The refresh interval that was configured when the audience was created.
Tags Any tags that are applied to this audience.
Publishing status Can show Ready, In progress, or Error.
Last refreshed When the audience was last refreshed.
Last modified When the audience was last edited or modified.

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