Add component descriptions

Descriptions help users know how to best use the various components when building projects in Analysis Workspace or when viewing reports.

Customer Journey Analytics administrators can add descriptions for components (Dimensions, Metrics, Filters, and Date Ranges) either within the data view or using the Data Dictionary directly within Analysis Workspace.

Add descriptions to components in a Data View

The following video describes how to add dimension and metric descriptions in a data view:

Add descriptions to components in Analysis Workspace (using the Data Dictionary)


The functionality described in this section is in the Limited Testing phase of release and might not be available yet in your environment. This note will be removed when the functionality is generally available. For information about the Customer Journey Analytics release process, see Customer Journey Analytics feature releases.

The Data Dictionary in Analysis Workspace helps both users and administrators keep track of and better understand the components in their CJA environment. This includes the ability for CJA administrators to add component descriptions directly within Analysis Workspace.

For information about adding a component description in the data dictionary, see Edit component entries in the Data Dictionary.

For general information about the Data Dictionary, see Data Dictionary overview.

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