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Last update: 2023-09-29
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Report templates are predefined report layouts that you can reuse when you generate most reports. Using templates saves you time if you want to use non-default parameters or run variations of the same report, or if you want to run the same report according to a regular schedule. Saved report templates are available from the Report Templates section of the Reports page.

For any type of performance report, you can save multiple report templates, creating them from scratch or basing them on existing templates. You also can change the settings for any report template you created; the new settings are applied to any reports using the template that are generated in the future. You can run reports for one or more templates at any time.

You can also delete any template available to you. When you delete a template that includes a schedule, that report isn’t generated in the future.

You can maintain up to 100 templates at a time.

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